specialize in finding lost and missing cats!

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We offer Lost Pet Services including Coaching by Phone,
Area Search with Scent Specific Tracking K-9's and Feline Behavioral Profiling
              by a
Certified Missing Animal Response Technician and Pet Detective.                 


Certified MAR Technician ID #015-02                                  
   Pet Detective - Feline/Canine Specialist                                      
Call today for a Complete Consultation!
(After a 5 minute case review, and to continue with my services, a $70.00 Consultation fee will need to be submitted.)

Expert Advice and Instruction
 to help you find your lost cat!


Serving Pet Owners



Welcome Home "Rosie"!

"If you have lost a pet, I highly recommend Lisa. 
She gave me great advice to help find my cat, Leo!
 But the greatest thing about Lisa was when I got discouraged and started to lose hope, she gave me a "pep talk." 
She gave me a list of constructive things to do to help find Leo,
and told me about cats who re-appeared after 20 days, when we were only on day 8.
She encouraged me when I was discouraged and gave me hope when I lost the faith!
She's not only a pet detective, she's a lost pet owner's therapist!  THANK YOU, LISA!"



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